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Can MZ Primer be used for the adhesive cementation of feldspathic ceramics and leucite based ceramics (Ex.: Emax, Vision)?

It is possible that MZ Primer also provides good results for this procedure. However, the use of Silano Angelus provides excellent results based on extensive scientific background.

If MZ Primer is not stored in the refrigerator, will it lose its properties?

The acidic monomers are highly sensitive to sudden temperature changes and a solution, to function adequately, depends on the stability of all its components. So, it is suggested to keep it in the refrigerator to reduce a possible alteration and to increase the shelf life of the product. However, if the bottle is tightly closed and stored in a cool place, it will work perfectly.

If a large amount of MZ Primer and of the adhesive system is applied, will stronger bond strengths be achieved?

Not always. In adhesive procedures, there is not a direct relationship between the amount of material and high bond strengths. Following correctly the manufacturer’s instructions is the best method to obtain tight and stable union.

Can MZ Primer be used for the cementation of prostheses on implants?

For this purpose the prosthesis must be roughened by sandblasting or by a fine diamond bur, washed abundantly and receive a layer of MZ Primer, which should not be touched for 3 minutes. All surface treatments must follow the instructions according to each specific substrate.

Can the inner surface of zirconia prostheses be sandblasted the same way as metal prostheses?

Research performed on the effect of sandblasting on zirconia is not very specific and the results depend on commercial brands. A procedure described for one brand may not provide good results and even be worse for another brand. So, it is recommended to check with the zirconia manufacturer the requirement for sandblasting.

MZ Primer

Safety for the adhesion to metal and zirconia.


Chemical Bonding agent for metal, Zirconia and Alumina.


Laboratory use: to increase the adhesion of composite and acrylic resins to metal and Zirconia structures. Clinical use: to increase adhesion in the cementation of crowns with metal or Zirconia frameworks and to treat metal surfaces during crown repair procedures with composite resin.

  • Single bottle
  • High adhesion to metal, zirconia and Alumina
  • Ample use
  • Easy application
  • Enhances adhesion of composite resins to metal, Zirconia or Alumina surfaces
  • Indicated for the clinic and the laboratory
  • Ref. 964 - MZ Primer Bottle with 5 ml



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