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What are the advantages of using Splendor?

It is universal, adapting to any type of root canal, be it narrow, medium, or wide. It is anatomical and provides high retention.

Is there a specific drill for Splendor?

Yes, the Splendor drill has been specially designed for the System.

What is the shape of Splendor?

The post is parallel and the sleeve is tapered.

Regarding the cementation, is it possible to cement the glove before the post?

Ideally, the post should put first to make sure it reaches the stipulated length.

Is there only one post and glove size?

Yes, only one size because it is universal.

What is the cementation technique for Splendor?

Wash the root canal with distilled water and dry it with air and absorbent paper tips.

Condition the canal with ANGELUS® 37% Phosphoric Acid for 15 seconds.

Wash the root canal with distilled water and dry it with air and absorbent paper tips.

Apply the primer adhesive system and wait 1 minute.

Apply the selected adhesive to the root canal, glove, and post according to the instructions for use.

With a spatula, fill the root canal with a chemically cured or dual-cured resin cement.

Initially, the post should be inserted into the root canal and then, the glove placed over it. Remove the excess of the cement and wait for polymerization. If it’s a dual-cured cement, photopolymerize it.

IMPORTANT: Zinc phosphate-based and glass ionomer-based cements (conventional and resin-modified) can also be used, but their mechanical properties for cementation are lower to those of resin-based cement. Self-adhesive cements dispense the acid conditioning and adhesive application steps.

What is the difference among Exacto, Reforpost, and Splendor posts?

Exacto and Reforpost are glove free and have so many types of drill and post sizes, while Splendor is universal: 1 anatomical size for every type of root canal. The Exacto is tapered and the Reforpost is parallel, while the Splendor has a parallel post and a tapered glove.

Splendor SAP

A single post for any situation!


Adjustable single post system for any situation: Narrow, medium, or wide root canals.


Core build-up for restorative procedures.

  • Universal
  • Anatomical
  • High Retention
  • Conservative Preparation
  • Low Risk of Root Fracture
  • Single use for narrow, medium, and wide root canals
  • Adjustable to the canal - from the apical to cervical third
  • In addition to chemical adhesion, mechanical clenching
  • No need for excessive wearing of the dental structure
  • Elasticity module close to dientina
  • Ref. 6253 - Refill - Packing with 1 Splendor drill
  • Ref. 6254 - Kit - packing with 5 posts + 5 gloves + 1 drill
  • Ref. 6255 - Refill - Packing with 1 post + 1 glove
  • Ref. 6256 - Refill - with 5 posts + 5 gloves



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