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What is the limit for pontic length when using fibers?

13 mm, which correspond to two small teeth (incisors or premolars) or one large tooth

How must the prosthesis be cemented?

With any cement, but resin cements are advisable because of their better esthetic properties.

Can final prostheses be fabricated with Fibrex?

Yes, as long as they are manufactured in the laboratory with adequate veneering resins.

Which resin may be used on the fiber structure?

Any laboratory resin may be applied on the structure.

What are the advantages of Fibrex if compared to metal?

Besides the better esthetics, the fiber structure demands less tooth preparation and a shorter time for fabrication.

Fibrex-Lab System

The solution to metal free prothesis.


Glass fiber impregnated with light-cured resin for the structural reinforcement of fixed prostheses.


Structural reinforcement of indirectly mad (laboratory) composite resin and ceromer restorations such as inlays, onlays, single crowns and fixed bridges up to three units. Fabrication of glass fiber anatomical posts.

  • Glass fiber translucency
  • Unidiretional fibers
  • Lightness
  • Low cost if compared to porcelain fused to metal prostheses
  • Impregnated fibers
  • Light-curing impregnation resin
  • Resin material
  • Esthetics as a non-metallic material
  • Absorption and uniform distribution of masticatory loads along the fiber bundles
  • Very confortable for the patient
  • Saves money
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible to all composite resins in the market
  • Allows repair during lab stage or directly in the mouth, even after cementation
  • Ref. 470 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Kit - Fibrex Medial (21 cm), Fibrex Junctional (21 cm), Fibrex Coronal (6 units), 01 Fibrex Ribbon ( 3units) 2 Adhesive Resin C (2 g), Adhesive Resin F (2 g), 01 Bonding Agent (4ml)
  • Ref. 471 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Medial - 2 units of 10.5 cm (21 cm)
  • Ref. 472 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Junctional - 2 units of 10.5 cm (21 cm)
  • Ref. 473 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Coronal - 6 units (2.3 cm of diameter)
  • Ref. 474 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Ribbon - 3 units (15 cm each)
  • Ref. 475 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Adhesive Resin C - 1 syringe (2 g)
  • Ref. 476 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Adhesive Resin F - 1 syringe (2 g)
  • Ref. 477 - Sistema Fibrex-Lab Bonding Agent (4 ml)



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