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Why is the presence of MTA important in the composition of this product?

The MTA cement became available in the market in 1998 and it turned out to be a “miraculous” material in the field of Endodontics, due to the scientifically proven excellent results obtained ever since. MTA as a component means perfect sealing (provided by its setting expansion), sealing integrity (provided by its low solubility) and the highest biological regeneration (provided by the release of calcium ions and their antimicrobial action).

Does MTA-Fillapex replace the MTA Reparative Cement?

MTA-Fillapex is an endodontic sealer, while MTA Reparative is indicated for the treatment of perforations, root resorption, apical plug and pulp capping.

What is the working time of Fillapex?

The working time is 23 minutes, which allows the root canal filling to be calmly performed by both the general practitioner and the endodontist.

What is the setting time of Fillapex?

Two hours and thirty minutes. Important: MTA-Fillapex only sets in contact with moisture. Inside the root canal the moisture is derived from the dentinal tubules and from the periapical tissues. MTA-Fillapex will not set completely on the mixing pad.

Can MTA Fillapex be used alone or only with gutta-percha cones?

The use of MTA Fillapex without gutta-percha cones is indicated in selected cases, because if partial removal is necessary for the insertion of posts, the procedure is difficult to perform, as is the case with other endodontic sealers.

How radiopaque is MTA-Fillapex?

It is one of the most radiopaque endodontic sealers in the market.

Can MTA-Fillapex can be used in the thermal condensation technique?

The boiling point of Fillapex is 150°C. If the equipment temperature is kept below this point, yes, Fillapex can be used.

Is MTA-Fillapex biocompatible with the tissues?

MTA-Fillapex presents two components that guarantee this property: MTA, known as the most biologically compatible endodontic material and the salicylate resin, an organic and therapeutic resin widely used in endodontic cements.

How can MTA-Fillapex be removed from the canal?

With the same techniques indicated for the other endodontic sealers.

Can MTA-Fillapex be kept in the refrigerator?

MTA-Fillapex is sensitive to moisture and should not be stored in the refrigerator.

How many cases can be made with one syringe/tube of Fillapex?

  • 1 double syringe with 4 g provides an average of 15 cases, depending on the tooth being treated.
  • 1 tube with 30 g provides an average of 200 cases, depending on the tooth being treated.
  • 1 tube with 12 g provides an average of 80 cases, depending on the tooth being treated.


As biological as the pulp tissue.


Bioceramic root canal sealer.


Root canal filling in permanent dentition in combination with gutta-percha cones.

  • Biocompatible
  • High radiopacity
  • Excellent flow
  • Setting expansion
  • Ca2+ Release
  • Paste-to-paste system
  • Adequate working time
  • Resin-Based
  • Fast tissue recovery without causing inflammatory reactions
  • Great radiographic visualization
  • Allows filling of accessory canals
  • Perfect root canal sealing
  • Assists in rapid bone regeneration, cementum formation, and lesions repair
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Allows its use by endodontists and general practitioner
  • Easy to remove with gutta-percha solvents
  • Ref. 826 - MTA based root canal sealer (paste/paste)
  • Ref. 827 - MTA based root canal sealer (paste/paste) automix syringe
  • Ref. 8288 - 02 tubes of 12g (7.2g base paste and 4.8g catalyst paste and 1 manipulation block)
  • Ref. 8270 - 01 double syringe with 4g (intracanal mixing tip)



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