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What is the Magic Brush recommended for?

Recommended for cleaning children’s teeth, the Magic Brush has an extra soft bristle texture suitable for children over 3 years old and soft bristles for children over 5 years old.

How many brushings can you do with one charge in the gel reservoir?

About 18 brushings until it is necessary to refill the dental gel reservoir.

How should I use the Magic Brush?

a. Unscrew the base of the Magic Brush from the reservoir, counterclockwise, until it is removed.
b. For the first use, fill about half of the reservoir with tooth gel. In order to avoid the formation of bubbles, always fill slowly.
c. Screw the base back into the reservoir until the plunger drives the dental gel towards the metering valve.
d. Align the base markings with the reservoir leaving the brush in a horizontal position.
e. To extract the dental gel in the optimal amount, rotate the base clockwise for one complete turn or as suggested by your dentist.
f. Perform toothbrushing. Tooth gel will spread over the bristles.
g. Sanitize and dry the Magic Brush head after use and put on the protective cap.
h. Repeat steps a-c to refill the reservoir.

What is the composition of the Magic Brush?

Thermoplastic resin, Elastomer, Nylon, non-toxic pigments and metallic anchor.

Who can use it?

Children supervised by an adult and by dental professionals.

Does it have color variations?

Yes, it has the options in blue, red and purple.

What is the expiration date of the Magic Brush?

Indeterminate as long as it is kept in the original packaging.

Is there any specific dental gel for use with Magic Brush?

You can use children’s dental gel of your choice.

How much gel is extracted in the Magic Brush, according to the instructions for use?

About 10 to 12 grams of gel, ideal amount recommended by dentists for brushing.

Is it common for the first uses to leave more dental gel than indicated, even after the rotation?

Yes, because when you fill the reservoir, positive pressure is created. This pressure is stabilized after a few uses.

After the indicated usage time, should I discard the Magic Brush?

Only the brush head must be replaced. The other parts can be reused.

How long after should I replace the Magic Brush head?

The head should be replaced every 3 months or when the bristles are deformed.

Can I refill Magic Brush from any side of the reservoir?

The reservoir must be filled by removing the lower part of the brush (base). Fill it slowly to avoid bubbles from forming.

Can I completely fill the reservoir?

To prevent the gel from exceeding the reservoir’s capacity, it is recommended to fill about half of its capacity.


Children’s toothbrush suitable for dosing the correct amount of gel for children.


Children’s toothbrush suitable for dosing the correct amount of gel for children.


Store and dose the correct amount of gel for children's consumption - oral hygiene (brushing).

  • Correct gel dosage
  • Practicity
  • Ergonomics and facility
  • Prevents excessive ingestion of fluoride
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste in the same product
  • Comfortable and encourages child use
  • Ref. 690 - Magic Brush Pink + cap + extra head
  • Ref. 691 - Magic Brush Purple + cap + extra head
  • Ref. 692 - Magic Brush Blue + cap + extra head
  • Ref. 693 - Magic Brush Pink + cap + extra head
  • Ref. 694 - Magic Brush Purple + cap + extra head
  • Ref. 695 - Magic Brush Blue + cap + extra head



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