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What is the advantage of a conical post?

Precise adaptation to root canal: the post shape follows the canal anatomy.

Why do conical posts need specific burs?

Because the adaptation must be precise according to the root canal, otherwise there may be a lack of retention due to the conical shape of the post. All conical posts require standardized burs.

What is the purpose of the latex ring placed on Exacto?

To show the site for cutting the post and, because of the association of their colors with those of the burs, to allow identification of the correct bur.

How should be the cementation of a glass fiber post?

The fiberglass posts should be cemented preferably with dual-cure resin cements. Here are the cementation steps:

  • Root canal cleaning with 37% phosphoric acid etching for 15 to 30 seconds followed by rinsing with water and drying with absorbent paper points.
  • Application of the chemically-cured adhesive inside root canal.
  • Excess of adhesive components must be removed with paper points.
  • Post cleaning with alcohol and application of the silane solution, Silano. After 1 minute, the post should be gently dried with air.
  • Application of the chemically-cured adhesive on the post.
  • Cementation with a chemically (self)-cured cement (Cement Post).

Are the system drills sold separately?

Yes, we have presentations (REFs 1908, 1911, 1912 e 1913) with single bur.

What is the taper of the Exacto posts?




Glass fiber intraradicular conical post.


Support of restorations and prosthetic crowns.

  • Greater radiopacity
  • Standardized burs with inactive tip
  • High concentration of fibers
  • Special glass fiber
  • Double taper
  • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin´s
  • Silicone stop
  • Direct use (prefabricated)
  • Longitudinal fibers
  • Versatility of sizes
  • Allows radiographic visualization
  • Precise calibration of posts according to burs present in the kit. Very thin cement layer
  • Better mechanical properties
  • Excellent transmission of light
  • Matches root canal shape
  • Lower risk of root fracture
  • Identifies post size and indicates place for cutting
  • Saves clinical time and decreases lab costs
  • Easy removal
  • Indicated for most clinical cases
  • Ref. 9087 - Exacto Trial Kit 5 posts Nº 0.5 and 1 bur Nº 0.5
  • Ref. 9117 - Exacto Trial Kit 5 posts Nº 1 and 1 bur Nº 1
  • Ref. 9127 - Exacto Trial Kit 5 posts Nº 2 and 1 bur Nº 2
  • Ref. 9137 - Exacto Trial Kit 5 posts Nº 3 and 1 bur Nº 3
  • Ref. 9147 - Exacto Kit 15 posts (5 of each Nº 1, Nº 2 and Nº 3) and 3 burs (1 of each Nº 1, Nº 2 and Nº 3)
  • Ref. 9097 - Exacto Reposição 5 posts Nº 0.5
  • Ref. 9157 - Exacto Reposição 5 posts Nº 1
  • Ref. 9167 - Exacto Reposição 5 posts Nº 2
  • Ref. 9177 - Exacto Reposição 5 posts Nº 3



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