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    The form below must be filled in to request information about the existence of personal data and the treatment carried out by Angelus Indústria de Produtos Odontológico S/A or to exercise the other rights of the personal data holders described in the General Data Protection Law (LAW 13.709, OF AUGUST 14, 2018). The data informed will be used solely and exclusively for consulting our systems according to the request made.

    The full name, e-mail, country and telephone must be informed. Afterwards, one of the types of request must be chosen: "Existence of treatment" or "Alteration or consultation of processed data". Evidence proving the veracity of the information entered (a document, for example) must also be attached.

    In this step, we need some evidence to be attached in order to help us identify if you are the owner of the information inserted above. This is important to ensure the safety of our users and, as mentioned earlier in the description of this page, all data entered in this form will only be used to fulfill your request.